Research and Development

R&D is one of the key backbone of our business, we distinguish ourselves from other R&Ds. Cost effective synthesis and optimization of existing synthesis routes to deliver in-time with excellent purity.

Our state of art laboratory is capable of developing and delivering compounds ranging from grams to kilograms, our continuous efforts to unlock new levels of productivity and product range.

R&D staff at Anax Laboratories having rich experience in synthesis of complex compounds with desired purity.  Scientists at Anax Laboratory work full fledge with an objective to serve our customers R&D requirements.

Anax Laboratories research team is very specialized in finding alternative synthesis routes to deliver compounds to our customers at a cost effective rates.  Our in-house talents are expertise in developing new and proprietary routes to existing compounds and also developing a scalable process to an existing synthesis routes.

Our production experts have hands on experience in scaling up your initial synthesis routes which is used to prepare grams and milligrams to prepare 10's to 100's to 1000's of gms of your targets with an optimization which best suits for scaling up.




Stereo Selective Reduction Hydride Reduction N-Oxidation Reaction S-Oxidation
Iodination Dehydration Hydrolysis Esterification
N-Methylation Ketalization Wolf-Kishner Reaction Michael Reaction
Bromination Cyanation Asymmetric Synthesis Friedal-Kraft's Reaction
Epoxidation Library Compound Synthesis    


Understanding the client needs at the best is our core business strength. Our unique service protocol saves time and efforts of our clients, by which our customers maximize the benefits from our collaboration.


Delivery Management:


Our unique project handling methodologies will create a transparency to the clients about their order/project development which makes it very easy to deliver the compounds in-time; in addition to this our project managers & delivery management systems will constantly track and update you with the latest developments.